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Building Permit
(a) The Inspector of Buildings shall not issue a building permit for the erection or alteration of any building or part thereof unless the plans, specifications and intended uses of such building, lot and open spaces on the lot are in all respects in conformity with this Zoning Ordinance and have been approved by the Zoning Enforcement Officer. Where special permits or variances are required under this Zoning Ordinance, the Inspector of Buildings shall not issue a building permit until so directed in writing by the Board of Appeals.

(b) Applications for building permits shall be accompanied by a plan of the lot in duplicate, and certified by a registered land surveyor showing the actual dimensions of the lot and the exact location and size of the buildings already upon the lot, of any structures within eight feet of the line on the adjoining lot, and of the building or structure to be erected, altered or moved, together with the streets, and alleys and easements on and adjacent to the lot and such other information as the location and dimensions of required parking as may be required for the enforcement of this Zoning Ordinance. The lot corners and bounds shall be indicated by such stakes and bounds as shall be required by the Inspector of Buildings.

See Permits, Licensing, and Applications for detailed information.