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Solar Energy Systems
Solar Energy System Assessment: A solar assessment shall be submitted and the assessment must include, at a minimum:
1. An analysis for solar energy system(s) for the site detailing layout and annual production.
2. Include the maximum feasible solar zone area of all structures and potential ground-mounted canopies.
3. An initial solar energy system assessment shall be submitted with the required application for Site Plan Review under section 9.03.
4. A final solar installation plan must be reviewed and approved by the Department of Community Development and Planning, prior to the issuance of a Building Permit.
Exemptions: A project will not be required to install a solar energy system on the roof when there is no solar ready zone, or the solar-ready zone is shaded for more than 50 percent of daylight hours annually, or for building conversions with insufficient structural load capacity. Further, in the case of a mixed or ground mounted installation the requirement may be reduced or waived if the assessment determines there is not a viable location to meet the solar requirement.
Safety and Locations Guidelines:
1. Emergency Access - Solar energy systems shall be located in such a manner as to ensure emergency access to the roof, provide pathways to specific areas of the roof, provide for smoke ventilation opportunities, and provide emergency egress from the roof, as required by the MA Fire Code, as updated.

2. Safety - No roof-mounted solar energy system shall be located in a manner that would cause the shedding of ice or snow from the roof into a porch, stairwell or pedestrian travel area.

See § 8.05: Solar energy systems for complete information.