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Exterior Lighting Technical Submittals
The following section lays out Exterior Lighting Standards for any residential development of four or greater residential units, and all non-residential and Mixed-Use projects:
(a) A site lighting design drawing or drawings.

(b) Electrical site plan indicating the location of each and every exterior luminaire to be installed. The fixtures shall be labeled as to the type of luminaires specified. Where pole-mounted fixtures are to be used, a diagram shall be included of such proposed lights, including walkway lights that show height of the base, pole and fixture head. Where wall-mounted luminaires are specified, the mounting heights of fixtures shall be indicated on the plan.

(c) A lighting fixture schedule that designates the type of luminaires specified including the following information:
a. The number and type of lamps to be used in each luminaire;
b. A description of the luminaire and light pole if applicable; and
c. The manufacturer's name and catalog numbers of the specified equipment;
(d) Manufacturers' specification sheets shall be provided for all proposed luminaires and poles to be used (where poles are used). Manufacturers' specification sheets should indicate the shape and dimensions of the luminaires and poles.

(e) Manufacturers' computer-generated point-to-point printouts shall be submitted indicating the horizontal initial and maintained foot-candle levels at grade, within the property to be developed and 25 feet beyond the property lines. Computer-generated printouts shall indicate the locations and type of luminaires analyzed. Maintained foot-candle levels should be calculated, using IES recommended procedures. Light loss factors used to calculate maintained foot-candle levels shall be indicated on the computer-generated printouts. Pertinent data, such as building outline, building entrances and exits, loading areas, landscaping, walkways, roadways, bikeways, parking areas, curbs and property lines shall also be shown.

Sign and Illumination Regulations