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Special Permit (Signs)
Sign special permit.
The Planning Board shall be SPGA for Sign Special Permits. In the RMUD district, no on-premise sign or advertising device shall be permitted except as follows:
(a) As permitted in § 7.05: Signs in R.75 and R1.2 Districts, and for residential uses in the I-3 and RMUD District or as allowed by this section for Master Plan Special Permit projects under § 5.18.
(b) Timing: A project may choose to request the approval of a sign master plan as part of a requested Master Plan Special Permit, or a sign master plan may be submitted as a separate request once a Master Plan Special Permit has been granted.
(c) In order to approve a sign master plan, the SPGA review would include a comprehensive review of the requested signage in context of the Special Permit, considering the uses proposed and the site and surrounding context.
(1) Design Requirements: Sign Master Plan:
(A) Signage shall be sized and placed to reinforce, rather than compete with, the architectural elements and proportions of a building.
(B) A wall sign shall not project beyond the ends of the walls to which it is mounted.
(C) Wall signs and projecting signs shall not extend above the roof line or parapet of the building to which it is mounted.
(D) No part of a projecting sign shall extend into vehicular traffic areas or in any way interfere with vehicular site lines.
(E) All free-standing signs must be protected from vehicular damage by a curb or planter.
(F) Signs may be erected in required setback areas but in no instance shall signs directly front on or be directed to face Greenough Boulevard.

See Permits, Licensing, and Applications for detailed information.