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Application and Procedure
(a) Application for a construction permit shall be made in writing to the Building Inspector, subject to review by the Department of Community Development and Planning (DCDP), for all permanent signs. Said applications shall contain the following information:
(1) Name, address and telephone number of applicant;
(2) Location and position of sign;
(3) Drawings and plans showing the building facade and the proposed sign, with specifications, and in the case of symbol or banner signs, section plans are required;
(4) Written consent of the owner of the building and land;
(5) Such other information as the Building Inspector, Zoning Enforcement Officer or Planning Board may require;
(6) In the case of any projecting, symbol or banner sign, liability insurance in an amount to be determined by the City to be appropriate (which in no case shall be less than $250,000/$500,000 personal injury and $50,000 property damage) shall be carried by the owner of said sign and a certificate of same shall be filed with the application.
(b) Within five working days, the Building Inspector shall refer the application and accompanying material to the DCDP.

(c) After receipt of the application and all required material, the DCDP staff shall review the application. The DCDP staff shall submit its recommendations in writing to the Building Inspector. The recommendations shall be based on such sign design booklets and such design guidelines as the Planning Board may adopt.

(d) Upon receipt of the DCDP'S report or the lapse of 15 working days from his referral to the DCDP without such report, the Building Inspector may issue a permit for a sign which conforms to the DCDP'S recommendations, if any, the regulations in the Zoning Ordinance, and such technical requirements as are within the Building Inspector's jurisdiction.

(e) A second review may be requested with the following procedure:
(1) If an applicant is aggrieved by the determination of the Building Inspector, he may seek an advisory opinion by the Planning Board. Such action is to take place by the Planning Board not more than 45 days following a request for a hearing before the Planning Board.
(2) If the Building Inspector requests an advisory opinion of the Planning Board prior to issuance of the necessary permits for the sign, the Building Inspector or the Zoning Enforcement Officer may submit the matter to the Planning Board within a 45 day period.
(3) Neither of the above two actions shall exclude the applicant from formally requesting a decision of the Board of Appeals.