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Revitalization Overlay
Minimum Site Plan Requirements.
(1) Commercial Developments: Developments that are exclusively commercial in character may be permitted by special permit given the conditions of the above § 155-5.08(d) of this section.

(2) Residential Projects: No developments that are exclusively residential in character shall be allowed except as provided below. Residential uses shall only be allowed as part of a mixed use project and shall be subject to the following conditions:
(A) Entrances and exits for residential uses shall be separate and distinct from commercial entrances and exits.
(B) The Board of Appeals may grant a special permit for entirely residential structures in the instance where the proposed mixed used development would create both wholly but separate residential and commercial structures on one lot given the following conditions; structures used wholly for residential purposes shall be at least 50 feet from structures (within the same lot) used for wholly commercial purposes and the open space between the residential and commercial structures shall be consistent with the open space requirements of this section; and that the total FAR for all structures on the lot does not exceed 1.5, except as allowed by § 5.08(d)(8) above; and further, that all other dimensional requirements are met in accordance with the standards of this section.
(3) All Projects:
(A) The exterior building line of the fourth story shall be setback a minimum of 25 feet from any street line.
(B) For any building that contains a fourth story, the front exterior building line shall be a minimum distance of 12 feet from the front lot line.

Consistent with the procedural requirements provided in § 9.04: Application and hearing procedures for special permits and variances of this Zoning Ordinance, the Board of Appeals may grant a special permit for development within a Revitalization Overlay District if it finds that the conditions for approval for special permits set forth in § 155-9.05(b) of this Zoning Ordinance have been met.

See § 5.08: Revitalization Overlay special permit (RO) for complete information.
See Permits, Licensing, and Applications for detailed information.